PCard Allocation and Reconciliation

  • The Cardholder will secure and retain appropriate documentation to support each purchase charged to the PCard.
  • Upon receipt of the items ordered with the PCard, the Cardholder will ensure accuracy of the order, verify that sales tax was not assessed and verify that the receipt provides line item detail (item description, quantity and dollar amounts).
  • The Cardholder is required to login to Chrome River to allocate and reconcile transactions.
  • Index and Account Code must be entered.
  • A valid business purpose is required for every transaction and must be entered in Chrome River. Information on writing a valid business purpose may be found here.
  • A detailed receipt must be attached that provides item description, quantity and dollar amounts.
  • Sensitive, private, or confidential information should not be uploaded in Chrome River. Please redact documents properly before upload. Click here to review the redaction list.
  • Transactions must be submitted and approved within 15 business days of the date the transaction appears in Chrome River.
  • It’s the Cardholder’s responsibility to monitor reports and to work with approvers to ensure that reconciliations are approved timely.


PCard Chrome River Job Aid

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