Lost, Stolen or Compromised Cards

Lost/Stolen Procedure

If a PCard is lost or stolen, or if you suspect that your PCard number is at risk, you must report the card lost/stolen to Bank of America within 24 hours.

Follow these steps any time your PCard or PCard number is at risk:

  • Call the PCard Office
  • Call Bank of America at 866-500-8262
  • Send an email to the PCard Office including all fraudulent activity
  • Report fraud to the vendor immediately
  • Follow up with the PCard Office until all fraudulent activity has been credited or resolved
  • Reconcile the transaction in Chrome River and include detailed notes about the reported fraud.
  • Send an email to pcard@unm.edu when the credit has been posted.

Securing PCard Information

It is vital that the Cardholder keeps their PCard and PCard number secure. As a Cardholder, security is your responsibility. The following are some things you can do to help keep your PCard number secure and prevent fraud.

  • Never email your PCard number to anyone
  • Never release information about your PCard including the CID (last three digits on the back of your PCard) to anyone over the phone unless you are initiating an order with a trusted vendor.
  • Beware of anyone contacting you by phone or email requesting information about your PCard!
  • Always keep your PCard in a secure location