FCard Allocation and Reconciliation

The FCard user will secure and retain receipts that provide complete detail to support each purchase charged to the FCard.


FCard User

  • The FCard user will submit detailed receipts to the vehicle's supervisor/responsible party.

Vehicle's Supervisor/Responsible Party

  • Will ensure the existence and retention of all original receipts providing complete detail of the purchase (including the number of gallons and cost per gallon)
  • Will ensure that the charges posted match the receipts
  • Will ensure that the purchases are appropriate and within the University's policies
  • Will login to Chrome River to allocate and reconcile transactions
  • Index and Account Code must be entered
  • A valid business purpose is required for every transaction and must be entered. (Information on writing a valid business purpose may be found here.)
  • A detailed receipt must be attached
  • Transactions must be submitted and approved within 10 business days of the date the transaction appears in Chrome River.

PCard & Fuel Card Reconciliation Job Aid