Change in Cardholder Employment Status/Cardholder Information

Modification of Cardholder Information

All changes to a PCard must be submitted on a Modification of Cardholder Information Form (MS Word) and must be sent to the PCard Office by mail, MSC01 1240 or by email.

Voluntary Termination

Employees who are terminating employment, either voluntarily or through retirement, must notify the PCard Office at least 10 business days prior to leaving the University. PCards for such terminating employees will be canceled upon receipt of notice.

Involuntary Termination

In the event of an involuntary termination, the Cardholder, Dean, Director, or Department Head must immediately notify the PCard Office and take possession of the PCard.

All paperwork including receipts must be turned in or arrangements made with supervisor who will be assuming responsibility for submitting required documentation.

Employee Transfer to Another Department

In the event that a Cardholder transfers to another department within UNM, the Cardholder must notify the PCard Office 10 business days prior to the date of the transfer. Cardholders who do not notify the PCard Office of a transfer, 10 business days in advance, are not eligible to obtain a new PCard for the new department for 30-60 days. The PCard is specific to a department and cannot be transferred to another department. A department that has an employee transferring from another department who was a Cardholder in the previous department can request that the employee be issued a new PCard by following the procedure for Obtaining a PCard. A new Application for a PCard (MS Word) must be completed and submitted by the new department.

Notification to the Bank

The PCard Office will notify the bank of PCard cancellations.