• The FCard is to be used for purchasing fuel and car washes and should not be used for vehicle repair or maintenance services unless an emergency arises that requires the use of the FCard.

Emergency Situations

  • The incident occurs while the user is out of the Albuquerque area and the Automotive Services Department is unable to assist with the service.
  • The incident occurs during non-business hours or a holiday when the Automotive Services Department cannot be contacted.
  • The user must always make an attempt to obtain vehicle repair or maintenance service from the Automotive Services Department before attempting to place the service on the FCard.


  • If the service to be provided is at a fuel station, towing service or vehicle repair shop and below the dollar limit restrictions, the bank should electronically authorize the charge.
  • If the FCard is declined, the user should contact Peggy Sedillo at (505) 249-2227. for assistance with a special transaction authorization.
    • If Peggy is not available the user should contact a member of the PCard Office.
    • If the PCard Office cannot be reached, the user should then contact Bank of America at (866) 500-8262 for assistance.
  • All services placed on the FCard are to be reported immediately to the PCard Office at