The UNM PCard Program is designed to allow you, the Cardholder, to handle small purchases without delays or paperwork that can accompany larger transactions. This chapter was developed to assist you in better understanding the program by answering some typical questions you may have as you begin using your PCard.

New User Introduction

The UNM PCard issued in your name is the property of the University of New Mexico, and is to be used for UNM business purchases only. UNM is responsible for the purchases you make with the PCard. Personal purchases are strictly prohibited.

Neglect or abuse of the PCard can and will result in severe consequences, up to and including termination.

  • This training will cover PCard use as well as University Policies and Procedures for proper use.
  • Sign the back of the PCard issued in your name and always keep it in a secure place.
  • Although the PCard is issued in your name, it does not affect your personal credit in any way.
  • The Cardholder is the only person authorized to use the PCard. The Cardholder may not share the card or card number with others.
  • If you have questions about the program, please contact the PCard Office at pcard@unm.edu.

Purchasing Card Overview

The following will give you an overview of the process of requesting a PCard, using it to make a purchase, transaction reconciliation, and Purchasing functions. We will go into each process in greater detail later in the training module.

    • Department completes UNM PCard Application Form.
      • This request contains the information the PCard Office needs to order a PCard from the bank. It also contains internal information: department information, transaction controls, MCC blocking and a statement that the Cardholder and department Director agree to the Cardholder Agreement.
      • The application for PCard is sent to the PCard Office for approval.
    • PCard Office:
      • The PCard Office orders the PCard from the bank and sets up all internal files.
      • The Cardholder will pick up the PCard from the PCard Office and sign the Cardholder Agreement.
    • Cardholder places an order
      • The Cardholder places an order with the vendor. The vendor requests an authorization for the order. Visa checks the preset authorization parameters established for the Cardholder and either approves the transaction or declines it. If approved, the vendor ships the items.
    • Cardholder receives the order and scans packing slip, paid invoice, or register receipt.
      • The Cardholder saves the scanned image for submission through Chrome River.
      • 1-2 days after the purchase is made, the transaction is available in Chrome River for reconciliation.
      • The Cardholder creates a PCard Expense Report in Chrome River
        • Transaction is allocated to an approved Index and/or Account Code. The transaction may also be split among any of the approved Indices and/or Account Codes (not to exceed 10 splits per transaction).
        • Detailed business purpose is entered (how does this purchase benefit the University)
        • Receipt, Paid Invoice or Packing Slip is attached (supporting documentation must include line item detail) 
        • Report is submitted within 10 days from the date the transaction appears in Chrome River.

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