Disputed Transactions

Errors regarding merchandise delivery or incorrect billing may occasionally occur with the FCard. When errors are found on a statement, it is imperative that the problem be resolved in a timely manner. We have approximately 60 days from the transaction Post Date to notify the bank of a disputed transaction. The Cardholder should try to resolve any problems by working directly with the vendor. If a problem cannot be resolved with the vendor, a Cardholder Statement of Disputed Item form should be completed and sent by email to the PCard Office pcard@unm.edu.

  1. Definition
  2. Cardholder Procedure


The following are circumstances that could constitute a disputed transaction:

  • Amount of the purchase was altered
  • An unauthorized charge
  • Merchandise damaged or inoperable
  • Merchandise delivered that was not as specified when ordered
  • Quantity received not the same as the quantity ordered
  • A credit not received
  • Multiple or duplicate charges for the same items
  • Merchandise charged on statement but not received
  • Order canceled prior to shipment of merchandise
  • Merchandise returned but credit has not been issued by vendor
  • Other, provide complete details
  • Inadequate description/Unrecognized charge
  • I am no longer disputing this charge

The following circumstances do not constitute a dispute transaction:

  • Merchandise delivered, but user on leave and cannot check the items
  • Order canceled after vendor shipped the merchandise
  • Sales tax assessed by vendor

Cardholder Procedure

For all disputed transactions except Inadequate Description/Unrecognized Charge, or if you are no longer disputing the charge, you will complete the following process:

  • Fill out the Cardholder Statement of Disputed Item form.
  • Contact the vendor, noting the date, time and person contacted. Discuss the disputed item and ask for a resolution. Please summarize the conversation in the space provided, and if more room is necessary, please use the back of the form. Maintain this documentation (email, phone logs, faxes or web confirmations) for submission with your dispute form.
  • If the vendor does not agree to take corrective action within 14 days of the statement date, email the completed Cardholder Statement of Disputed Item form to the PCard Office pcard@unm.edu or fax to 277-7774, along with copies of all records, packing slips, invoices, etc. The original documents should be kept in the department file.
  • Follow up by email with the PCard Office to verify that the dispute form and supporting documentation have been received.
  • Follow up with the PCard Office weekly until the dispute has been resolved.

Completed Cardholder statement of Disputed Item forms and copies of receipts/packing slips and any other supporting documentation must be sent to the PCard Office no more than 60 days after the transaction Post Date.

Send copies of any correspondence received from Bank of America to the PCard Office pcard@unm.edu.

The PCard Office will review the Disputed Item form for completeness of information, verify that supporting documentation has been included, and determine if the transaction qualifies as a disputed item.

The PCard Office will forward the dispute documentation to the bank.

If you are disputing a transaction due to Inadequate Description/Unrecognized Charge, fill out the Cardholder Statement of Disputed Item form and immediately forward it to the PCard Office.

If you are no longer disputing a charge, forms canceling a dispute must be sent to the PCard Office pcard@unm.edu immediately following the resolution of the disputed item.

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