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The UNM PCard


Purchasing Card Information

The Policies and Procedures in this site are reflective of the Chrome River update.

The Purchasing Card is a tool issued to UNM employees for the purpose of making purchases on behalf of the University not exceeding $10,000/transaction for goods, materials and supplies or $10,000/transaction for approved services. This section contains links to information about the PCard, UNM Cardholder Policies and Procedures, Using the PCard to Purchase Airline Tickets, and Chrome River procedures for transaction allocation and reconciliation. If you have any questions, please e-mail the PCard Office at:

Note: The Training Material links below are for reference and informational purposes only. You must enroll in the training courses through Learning Central in order to be eligible to obtain a PCard (PCard Program -346) and/or use your PCard to purchase airline tickets (PCard for Travel - 343). You can register for training through Learning Central here.

Training Materials

Purchasing Card Forms

Key Contacts

Please make note of the following contacts for your future reference if you need to:

  • Change cardholder information
  • Lost or stolen cards (must be reported within 24 hours)
  • Obtain a Purchasing Card
  • Policy/Procedure questions
  • Transaction Maintenance/Reallocation
  • Terminate a card
  • Vendor problems
  • Banner issues (FWAINVT)

Peggy Sedillo Manager
(505) 249-2227

Teresa Romero Operations Manager 
(505) 277-5236

Lucie Knight PCard Coordinator 
(505) 277-4123

Breanna Lopez PCard Coordinator
(505) 277-0598

Cindy Felix PCard Coordinator
(505) 277-0118

PCard Fax Number:  (505) 277-1028

Bank of America(866) 500-8262

  • Lost or stolen cards (must be reported within 24 hours)
  • To terminate a card

NOTE: Many of the documents linked to are in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format and require the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader software. If you do not have this software installed on your machine, you can get it using the link below:

Get Adobe here