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Obtaining a Fuel Card

For the purposes of efficiency in administration and management, approved and trained departmental FCard Users are authorized to make purchases of fuel, car washes and emergency repairs.

Applying for a FCard

  1. FCard Policies and Procedures and Forms are published here.
  2. After reading the Policies and Procedures and the FCard Agreement, complete the FCard Applicaton.
  3. The Dean, Director/Department Head and vehicle's supervisor/resonsable party must agree to the provisions of the FCard Agreement.
  4. The Dean, Director or individual with budgetary responsibility must approve the FCard Application.
  5. Completed applications for FCard are submitted to the PCard Office – MSC01 1240 PCard or by email to
  6. The PCard Office will review the Application and order the card.
  7. The PCard Office will notify the vehicle's supervisor/responsible party when the card is ready.
  8. The vehicle's supervisor/responsible party will be required to sign a receipt for the FCard and the FCard Agreement. ***FCards will not be given to anyone other than the vehicle's supervisor/responsible party or Dean, Director/Department Head.