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Lost, Stolen or Compromised Cards

Lost/Stolen Procedure

If a PCard is lost or stolen, or if you suspect that your PCard number is at risk, you must report the card lost/stolen to Bank of America within 24 hours.

Follow these steps any time your PCard or PCard number is at risk:

  • Call the PCard Office
  • Call Bank of America at 866-500-8262
  • Send an email to the PCard Office including all fraudulent activity
  • Report fraud to the vendor immediately
  • Follow up with the PCard Office until all fraudulent activity has been credited or resolved

Securing PCard Information

It is vital that the Cardholder keeps their PCard and PCard number secure. As a Cardholder, security is your responsibility. The following are some things you can do to help keep your PCard number secure and prevent fraud.

  • Never email your PCard number to anyone
  • Never release information about your PCard including the CID (last three digits on the back of your PCard) to anyone over the phone unless you are initiating an order with a trusted vendor.
  • Beware of anyone contacting you by phone or email requesting information about your PCard!
  • Always keep your PCard in a secure location